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In the past, it has been very expensive to run a company especially on matters pertaining attendance of meetings in satellite branches or even going to the headquarters. In the modern times, one would need to have a good video conferencing system to be in a position to hold a meeting, lecture, presentation or any other discussion. One would need to make sure that he or she either gets one of the two major categories or even buy both for efficiency purposes. One would need to make sure that he or she understands the difference between a room video conferencing and a desktop video conferencing to be in a position to buy the right video conferencing system for his or her company.

The first thing one would need to consider, include the possible number of people that will be involved in the lecture, meeting or presentation in question. In a case where there are more people to be addressed, one would need to go for a room video conferencing system while dual conversations ought to be held using desktop video conferencing system. One would not need to buy a desktop video conferencing system only to find that he or she needs a different video conferencing system.

Less interactive forums such as presentations and lectures would best be done using a room video conferencing system. As a result, it would be most effective in a case where less interaction is needed and when only one individual at a time is addressing a relatively large group of people. On the other end, desktop video conferencing tend to be more interactive where participants can interject, air their views, and receive more instructions from the instructor, manager, executive, or any other senior figure. On the other hand, the seniors can acquire as much information as possible from their peers, and other staff and individuals. A room video conferencing system tend to direct focus on one person who in this case is the presenter or the speaker.

It would also be essential to note other features of the video conferencing system in question. Right from the beginning, it is essential to note that desktop video conferencing systems tend to be less expensive when compared to their room counterparts. It would be essential to note that there are instances where the desktop video conferencing system may be more expensive when compared with the room video conferencing system depending on the specs. One as a result would need to know that the price of a video conferencing system tend to be affected by many factors. A desktop video conferencing system does not need a prearranged site, but participants only need to access a personal computer installed with a video conferencing system while a room video conferencing system demands a dedicated room for the device.

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