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The Unique Features Of LED T-Shirts That You Can Use For Your Marketing

The LED shirts have taken over the market because of their unique features. The clothes were mostly worn to the high-end parties, political events and the in the night parties at the clubs. Most of the companies have also benefited by using the Led shirts because of their unique features of marketing. However, most people do not understand how the LED shirt functions. Below are the details that you should know about these products.

They Use The Electroluminescent Panels

Most of the LED shirts utilizes the technology of the electroluminescent panels. Most of the designing is created using the Velcro. The Led shirts are flexible and the clients can decide on what appears on the shirts. When you switch off the light, your shirt will look like any other screen-printed clothes. When you turn on the batteries, then the designs in your shirts can achieve the illuminated look.

The Panels Do Not Consume A Lot Of Power.

Most of the shirts have a light illuminate which requires less power. The use of the low power ensure that the battery takes the longest time. The panels are thin like thread, but they have the texture of the vinyl or vellum. Most of the panels are waterproof, and they cannot soak in water. With good care, the shirts can last for some years.

The Type Of Power

The panels are powered by the batteries that are very small in size. The panels have multiple connectors to ensure that the designs are properly animated. The connectors are made to look like a ribbon that takes power from the battery to the panels for illumination. The small batteries are stuck on the pocket like designs of the shirts. The small batteries take the maximum number of days before they run out of the power.

The Design Panels Can Be Customized

The Led shirts are flexible and they give you the space to create your unique designs. This can be an excellent opportunity to print your various brand logos and graphics in the shirt. The LED shirts are expensive than the normal shirts but they have more benefits and uses.

You should ensure that you capitalize on the LED shirts. The led shirts are mostly ideal for the business because the illuminated designs can easily attract attention. You can use the shirts as promotional shirts but you should ensure that you get the quality shirts. The LED shirt are the most ideal shirts for the logos and you should source for the best vendors to make your orders.

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