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Halloween 2016 – What Are the Top Outfits

joker ideasHalloween 2016 is fast approaching and we are searching far and wide to discover the best outfit ideas for the season. Comic-Con has been well underway so we have seen some great looks from a lot of creative people. Women in particularly like to dress up very sexy to show off their nice figure!

This year there are a few new movies that have come out like Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool. Also coming soon is Suicide Squad which features an all new Joker and Harley Quinn. Both characters have a distinct look that is different than their comic book counter parts. The costume ideas however are top notch.

Some of the best costume ideas in the world are going to be on display during the Halloween month of October, and we can’t wait to see what creative ideas people come up with. Have you ever been to a costume party where half of the people don’t dress up? It’s terrible! They are very boring and it’s a disgrace to even attend the event if you did not take the time to put some effort in and come up with an awesome costume idea.

Personally, I think we will see a lot of Deadpool since the movie was so popular. It would be a great idea to team up with a friend to go as Captain American and Iron Man. A third person could also show up as Spider-Man which would be hilarious and a nod to the film that came out this year.

Halloween ideas can be hard to come by, but there are many websites on the net that can help you pick something out. Jessica Nigri is a good example of a model that a lot of women want to dress like.

If you went to Comic-Con this year in San Diego, you will realize how popular some of these characters are. The only group of characters that might be more popular this Halloween are those from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Since that movie came out last year after Halloween, no one had time to dress up. This year however I think it will be a different story and Kylo Ren might be the most popular costume around!

Halloween is just two months away and we are wondering what everyone will be wearing! It’s by far the most popular holiday of the year and the most fun. Dressing up as our favorite characters is a ton of fun and we can’t wait to do it yet again.

Last year I won the competition for best costume, which isn’t easy to do as you have to be pretty damn creative. This year I intend to do the same thing by wearing the best makeup and custom creating most of my outfit if possible. It’s not cheap, but if you want to do it right, you have to spend some money! Stay tuned for more updates around the end of October when we start posting our favorite outfits.