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Netflix Halloween Update & Comic Topic Updates

Despite being described as “deeply disturbing and highly recommended” by Stephen King, this cult favorite really isn’t that scary. I’ll be honest, I scare very easily and I waited the whole movie to be scared, but it just wasn’t happening. What the movie lacks in scare though it easily makes up in disturbing imagery, a riveting story line, and phenomenal child acting. The movie is so good that it managed to score a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes is certifiably “Fresh”. Child actor Noah Wiseman gives perhaps the greatest performance I’ve ever seen a child deliver and is perhaps the greatest actor in the entire movie, easily out shinning his onscreen mother. If you’re looking for a psychological thriller that’s rife with tension this is the movie for you.

If you haven’t already seen this masterpiece than this Halloween season is definitely the time to check it out! It’s one of only three films to win the five major Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Hopkins), Best Actress (Jodie Foster) and Best Adapted Screenplay. Anthony Hopkins gives a chilling performance as the maniacal Hannibal Lector; this movie will make you want to double check your locks before going to sleep.


What would Halloween be without the kookiest, creepiest family in film history? This creepy comedy is a must see, and Halloween just gives you another excuse to watch it for the 600th time. There’s nothing not to like in this movie! Whether you love the deeply disturbed Wednesday, the creepy Uncle Fester, or the loving parents Morticia and Gomez, this movie has something for everybody. What are you waiting for? Go watch it!


Comic Book News

DC and Marvel have taken their superheroes to the big and small screens, building cinematic universes and earning billions in the process. Now, smaller comic book publishers want to get in on the action.

Reimagining themselves as entertainment companies, independent comic book publishers are creating internal divisions to work with distribution or finance partners, or are funding production themselves, with the hope of featuring their characters in movies, on television and even on Broadway.

“There is higher risk, but also higher reward,” said Ted Adams, the chief executive and publisher of IDW Publishing, which started its entertainment unit two years ago.



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