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Reasons Why You Should Consider Growing Shrubs in Your Landscape

Shrubs are known to be a source of food and a home to birds and animals. This means it is important part of the environment. Creative landscape designs are made of shrubs. Majority of them are of medium height and look well among grass lawns, herbaceous plants and trees. Because they have woody branches, they look full and make the garden look incredible during winter.

It is advisable to keep your landscape with plants of varying heights. This provides an intermediate height between taller and shorter trees. Shrubs are of different sizes. There are some that are short and wide while some are narrow and tall. It is advisable to plant them when they are mature in size. This will provide space for growth. For those who love seeing birds in their gardens, shrubs are good ideas as they have berries that attract birds as well as provide shelter. Also the flowers are rich in nectar that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Additionally, during summer and spring, shrubs usually look more colorful and have a good smell, also they produce berries much later in the season. This adds a beautiful color to the brown landscape. The woody structure of shrubs is usually seen when the leaves have fallen. Shrubs like dogwood have stems of red, purple and yellow. You can keep the pruned branches to be used in making floral arrangements.

Shrubs do not take long to grow and are easy to maintain.
The best time to plant shrubs is during fall. The cool air and intense sun helps the roots get established as the soil is warm.
Also, the roots of shrubs run deep and spread much faster than turf grass. This means that shrubs use less water. There are certain shrubs like the oak leaf hydrangea which is appealing to the eye throughout the year.

Shrubs are used to create boundaries, paths and seclusion. This way you don’t have to build a wall or a fence. During summer they provide shade for pools and bird baths. In places where drainage is poor, you can plant rot resistant varieties to improve the quality of soil. Consumption of energy can be reduced by well placed shrubs in summer months. Placing them on the west and south sides will keep your house warmer during winter and provide shade during of winter.

Shrubs keep the air fresh from dust and pollutants. They also reduce the amount of water that runoffs during rainy season. When you spend your time among trees and shrubs, it reduces stress. Research to find the best shrubs that fit your garden are. The internet is a great source of information on different varieties of shrubs. Proper care and maintenance is required to ensure your garden looks amazing.

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